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Indonesia Flores Tuang Anaerobic Natural

Indonesia Flores Tuang Anaerobic Natural


We Taste

Stewed Green Apple | Ripen Black Cherry | Rosehip tea

We Feel

Medium body | Silky & Clean | Green tea-like aftertaste


Roast Degree



Suitable for

Filter | Espresso


Producer: Andrew Hamboer
Region: Flores, Manggarai
Altitude: 1300 m.a.s.l.
Harvest:  Mar-May, Oct-Dec
Varieties:  Kartika II
Processed: Anaerobic Natural



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  • About This Coffee

    Meet Andre Hamboer, the visionary behind Tuang Coffee, a company named after the Indonesian word for 'pour.' While Andre's roots connect him to Jakarta, his heart finds its home in Ruteng, a charming city on the picturesque island of Flores, where his father's heritage thrives. Nestled in the lush highlands of the Manggarai Regency, Ruteng serves as a cradle for coffee cultivation, weaving together memories and traditions.

    In 2014, Andre embarked on a transformative journey, bidding farewell to the bustling world of corporate law to embrace the art of coffee processing. It was a leap fueled by boundless passion and unwavering commitment.

    Flores, situated in Eastern Indonesia, offers a distinctive coffee experience, different from the well-established regions like Sumatra or Java. Amidst its unique challenges, something extraordinary has flourished—a remarkable anaerobic natural lot that radiates purity, consistency, and a harmonious symphony of flavors.

    As we embrace the beauty of seasonality, our exploration of Indonesian coffees has led us to an exciting discovery. Today, we proudly present our first offering from Flores, meticulously crafted by a dedicated and skilled coffee producer. Prepare to be enchanted by the delicate dance of green apple and black cherries, accompanied by the ever-essence of rosehip tea. This coffee is a radiant treasure, tailored for those who savor the brilliance of bright, high-toned natural coffees. ☕✨

  • Brewing Method

      In Out Extract
    Espresso 18g - 19g 36g - 38g 24 - 28 sec
    Filter 18g - 20g 320g - 380g 2:30 - 2:45 min
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