Office Hours

7:30AM to 4:00AM ,  7 days

Flick us a call at 09 476 6878  for any emergencies. 

Store Pick-Up

If you do not need delivery, choose one of our store pick-up options today.

Experience the full ritual of coffee at one of our stores, A-Block or Black & Gold Eatery.

Try the soft brew for our single origins before you buy them today!

Wholesale Inquiries

To make sure our coffee is served in a considered way in a great environment. 
At Society Coffee, we don’t just regard ourselves as coffee suppliers but rather key partners in your business with the aim of mutual success to the coffee industry. 

If you would like to talk to us about your hospitality venture or our design and

operations services please email or call us on +64 9 476 6878 

Payment Methods

We are only taking offline payments only so just direct debit to our account

once you've received a confirmation email from your order.