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About us

Throughout the past years, we as a team have come to learn and understand that coffee is an area of business that is currently providing many opportunities for people at every stage of it's production.  


Here at Society Coffee, we represent a group of people who were brought together through their passion toward coffee. From growing to harvesting, roast to brew, design and serve.  We stand for people who enjoy coffee and from there we want to reconnect the fundamental ritual of coffee which is often lost in translation in the hustle and bustle of modern life. We believe coffee is an art form, it deserves appreciation and we want to create a platform for them to not only enjoy a good cup but also how it come about.


Society Coffee is a New Zealand micro-specialty coffee roaster that works with people who share the same value to quality and philosophy of delivering a specialty coffee experience. Let it be through our own eatery or any of our friends with their own cafes/restaurant.

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Humans of Society

Why Society?

Society Coffee is not just about the coffee - it’s about the people. Passionate people. 

Here’s what our Artist & Designer behind our brand has to say about her journey with us…


“Given free creative rein, my challenge was to come up with branding that encompassed a sense of 'society'. My solution was to create a sense of awareness. An awareness that celebrates and expresses not just people, but tells the story of what it means to be human.


Each of the coffee infographic cards feature information regarding the coffee of a specific region. Each card is accompanied by my hand painted images that often carry a conservational message regarding that particular part of the world. To me, 'society' is about working sustainably and harmoniously with the people and the environment around us.


Now that's 'Society Coffee' for you.”