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Barista Training | Workshops | Business Consultation | Technical support and service


Barista Training

David has over 20 years of barista training experience, from noob barista to world barista championship training, from making espresso to understanding how to dial in your favorite
single-origin coffee. David has had intensive experience in training baristas in various environments such as private classes, public venues, colleges, tertiary schools, coffee companies, and world events in different countries. Everything to do with coffee, let it be espresso and/or the trendy brewing methods such as V60, Clever dripper, and plunger to batch brew. We are all about inspiring the passionate and pedantic barista inside everyone. We believe making better coffee makes the world a better place.

The training includes but is not limited to:

  • What is a barista and specialty coffee all about

  • The ins and outs of barista operation

  • The technique of espresso and milk preparation

  • The fundamentals of latte art

  • The fundamentals of brewing coffee

  • How to be organized for customers' drinks

  • How to look after the coffee equipment & accessories

David credential:


  • 2007 New Zealand Latte Art Championship – 2nd place  

  • 2009/10 New Zealand Barista Championship 1st in Auckland region 3rd in New Zealand  

  • 2008 ~2010 Member of New Zealand Trans-Tasman Barista Team  
    NZ Workplace Assessors 4098

  • SCAA Lead Instructor 2011

  • World Coffee Event certified judge in Barista & Latte Art 2011-Now

  • World coffee event judges rep 2023 - Now


David's belief inspires our devotion to having coffee workshops for the public in "Sharing is caring". These workshops showcase the world of coffee to those who have yet to indulge themselves in it. During workshops, we not only is about coffee, but more so we are about people. Meeting those like-minded people and building friendships over that cuppa is just as important.

Our Workshops include but is not limited to:

  • Casual coffee sharing and tasting

  • Brewing method sharing and tasting

  • International roasters and competition coffee sharing and tasting

  • Coffee triangulation

  • SCA-inspired coffee taster events


Business Consultation

David has over 20 years of managing and owning cafes, during those times, he has accumulated not only experience but also developed a complete comprehensive business development plan to ensure the success of the business is achieved.

When we take on clients for business consultation, we work closely with you to ensure that we prepare for the best and ready for the worst.

Our business consultation includes but is not limited to:

  • Starting up business planning

  • Developing a sound business model

  • Ready a business proposal and lease Negotiation

  • Operation and staffing planning

  • Product and service development

Technical support & service

We have worked closely and alongside side with many of the best technicians in the industry, being a "hands-on" person with a "can do" attitude, he also has great knowledge of the in-out of the coffee machine & and grinders.

We know our machines. Let it be Slayer or La Marzocco, La Cimbali or Nuovo Simonelli, as long as it steams milk and extracts espresso, then we love to see them working to their full potential under our detailed maintenance plan.

Due to the nature of the machine, we also work closely with our
technical partners, Machine Limited, to deliver timely and thorough technical support and service.

Our approach to technical support and service is simple, "Better be prepared then sorry!" and have a very open book policy to ensure that
our customers are looked after with transparency.

Our technical support and service include but is not limited to:

  • Providing a comprehensive maintenance plan

  • Providing a comprehensive post-job report

  • Always bench test machines going out

  • Always have backup coffee machines and grinders for emergencies.

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