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Brazil Samba Reserved Natural

Brazil Samba Reserved Natural


We Taste

Orange Peel | Milk Chocolate | Caramel


We Feel

Medium-full body | Creamy & round | Chocolate Milk like aftertaste


Degree of Roast

Suitable for


Producer: Selected coffee growers from Carmo de Minas
Region: Carmo de Minas, MinasGarais
Altitude: 1000-1300 m.a.s.l.
Harvest:  June - August
Varieties:  Mixed
Processed: Natural


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  • About This Coffee

    Our Samba Reserve represents an extraordinary fusion of Natural processed coffees, sourced from carefully chosen coffee growers within an altitude range of 1000-300 meters above sea level. The production of this remarkable coffee is characterized by farm-level traceability originating from the Carmo de Minas region, nestled in the South of Minas Gerais.

    The utmost care is taken during the harvesting process, as only the ripest cherries are meticulously handpicked to ensure the highest quality. Subsequently, these cherries go through a meticulous sorting procedure utilizing the "lavador" machine, a density sorter widely employed in Brazil to separate low-density beans, resulting in an exceptionally refined selection.

    The preparation of our Samba Reserve reaches its zenith through a precise and traditional sun-drying method. The coffee beans are laid out on patios, basking in the warm sun for three days. This process aids in enhancing the beans' flavors and characteristics.

    To achieve perfection, the coffee is then transferred to mechanical dryers, where it undergoes further drying for a duration of 72 hours or more, until reaching the optimal moisture level. This meticulous approach guarantees that each bean attains the desired consistency, unlocking the full potential of its unique flavors and aromas.

    The result is a captivating blend that harmoniously captures the essence of the Carmo de Minas region. With each cup of Samba Reserve, coffee enthusiasts embark on a sensory journey, savoring the distinctiveness of this exceptional coffee, carefully nurtured from harvest to preparation to deliver an unparalleled coffee experience.

  • Brewing Method

      In Out Extract
    Espresso 19g - 20g 32g - 36g 24 - 28 sec
    Filter 19g - 20g 280 - 320g 2:30 - 2:45 min
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