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Nicaragua | Jinotega | Santa Maria

Nicaragua | Jinotega | Santa Maria


About this coffee

Santa Maria is one of seven estates owned by Victor Robelo as part of the Las Nubes group. Originally bought in the late nineties after the cessation of action by the Contras, the farms were planted with his fathers’ favorite varietals, Yellow Catuai and Caturra.


The coffee is handpicked and processed at the farm's own wet mill, before being taken as wet parchment or cherry to the dry mill facility. It is here that the drying beds are located, stacked three or four layers high to control temperature and humidity as required for the processing method. By doing this method and then roasting the coffee to the perfect crack, each bag is filled with flavors of stone fruit, bakers milk chocolate with a creamy mouthfeel, and orange acidity. Upon opening the bag, customers have stated that they are hit with a deep chocolate undertone.


We Taste:

naval orange | ripen papaya | toasted almond

We Feel:

med - full body | round and creamy | supple finished