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This 2018/19 crop of Yellow Caparao is found in the kaparao reserve is the micro region of “forquila do rio' at the border of espirito santo and minas gerais.

It is at the third highest peak in brazil next to “caparao national park” with high altitude and natural spring water, it became the cradle for man recent compeition coffee in the country. as for “yellow caparao” while its origin is no longer traceble, it is adjusted well to growing at 'forquila do rio' and is unique to its own characteristic and growning requirement.

Being higher up in the elevation, the producer learn to optimize family labour and the drying patio logistic with the gradual harvest and really focus on cup quality.


This varietal has a special appreciation as it presented a 'bluish' coloration and high sweet notes. While its altitude is just between 1,000 - 1,300Masl. We found this coffee being well balance & clean tasting, good defined acidity support by layers of sweetness.


Tasting Notes:

Sweet Lemon

Clear Candy


Hint of Cream Liquer

Medium Body

Kaparaó Reserve, Minas Gerais, Brazil