Hondorus | Los manguitos | San Andres

Hondorus | Los manguitos | San Andres


About this coffee

Los Manguitos is a family-owned farm for the past twenty years. Hernan is the third generation of coffee producers in his family, so coffee runs in his blood. He has been working on farms since he was old enough to get involved. Los Manguitos has shown openness and interest to improve in every aspect, especially towards quality, however, they strongly believe in producing good quality coffee through good environmental and social practices.


Hernan has 3 brothers who are also coffee producers, but they all run different side businesses, such as dairy cattle and a hardware store. He is a happily married man and a proud parent of 3 beautiful daughters. Wife and daughters support him in every way they can.


We at Society Coffee is tasting merlot | butterscotch | orange zest in this coffee! If you are wanting some buttery and full-body mouthfeel in your cuppa, this is the one to go! 


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