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Guatemala Finca La Bolsa Natural

Guatemala Finca La Bolsa Natural


We Taste

Dried fig | Stewed Pineapple | Dark Chocolate

We Feel

Medium body | Buttery | Clean & Long Lingering

Suitable for
Filter | Espresso


Producer: Jorge Vides, Finca La Bolsa, Trapiche Cooperative

Region: La Libertad, Huehuetenango

Altitude: 1300-1600 masl

Harvest: December ~ February

Varieties: Caturra, Bourbon

Processed: Natural Processed


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  • About This Coffee

    In the heart of La Libertad, Huehuetenango, nestled amid lush highlands, Finca La Bolsa has been cultivating its rich coffee heritage since 1958. Its founder, Jorge Vides, a revered doctor and the Director of the National Hospital of Huehuetenango, poured his soul into this verdant expanse. Originally a dense forest, Jorge envisioned a thriving plantation blooming with premium bourbon and caturra coffee varietals. Despite his demanding medical career, he balanced his time masterfully, nurturing both his patients and his coffee with equal dedication.

    Today, this legacy of love and labor thrives under the watchful eye of Jorge's grandson, Renardo Ovalle. Renardo leads the production across the family's expansive Vides 58 farms, where the spirit of innovation and tradition blend seamlessly.

    At the heart of Vides 58's operations lies a deep commitment to sustainability, structured around three core pillars: social responsibility, agricultural integrity, and environmental stewardship. This philosophy is evident in their proactive community engagement. Recognizing the educational needs of his workers' children, Jorge established an elementary school in 1980, a beacon of learning for the local community. Further expanding their community support, Finca La Bolsa partnered with the Association Coffee Care in 2012, spearheading initiatives aimed at diminishing child labor and enhancing the living standards of coffee pickers and their families.

    The meticulous care in coffee production is palpable at the Trapiche Cooperative. Here, workers hand-pick each cherry with precision, followed by a detailed process of de-pulping and fermenting over 24 hours. The coffee is then washed and sorted by density, before being laid out on vast patios where it dries under the sun for fifteen days, a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality. Through these efforts, the Vides family continues to weave their story into the fabric of Huehuetenango's coffee culture, one bean at a time and making them into the fine cup that we can enjoy.

  • Brewing Method

      In Out Extract
    Espresso 18g - 19g 34g - 36g 24 - 28 sec
    Filter 18g - 20g 300-330g 2:30 - 2:45 min
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