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Ethiopia | Oromia Sidamo | Bule Hora G1

Ethiopia | Oromia Sidamo | Bule Hora G1


About this coffee

Bule Hora is a washing station privately owned and located in Guji, close to the town of Blue Hora formerly called Hagere Mariam.


Bule Hora produces both washed and natural coffees. The altitude is ideal, and coffees from this area have always been distinct and exceptional. It is relatively cold due to the high elevation, so maturation, fermentation and drying all proceed slowly.


The washing station collects and buys cherries from various smallholders in the area, and they invest in the community they work with and support the local school. The farmers delivering cherries are registered and entitled to training on composting, pruning and mulching to help increase both quality and yield (all equating to higher prices).


Tasting Notes:

ripe papaya | lime zest | cream caramel


med to full body | light milk tea flavour | creamy mouthfeel