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Ethiopia | Gelana Abaya

Ethiopia | Gelana Abaya


Gelana Abaya is another gem of a subregion in the SNNPR region. This area is nestled between Lake Abaya on the west and the town of Yirgacheffe on the East. Gelana Abaya Woreda produces some of the best naturals in Yirgacheffe. Home to the Tore people the region counts more than 9,000 small producers with plots averaging 3.5 hectares.

Most producers interlace their coffee with other crops such as maize, beans & sugar cane. While these producers are not certified, they practise organic farming, using no chemicals on their plots they instead recycle discarded coffee cherry as compost.

Each producer will carry their ripe cherries to one of five wet mills in Gelana Abaya. Once received at the mill the coffee is given a second pass to ensure that only the best, ripe cherries are dried. According to the common Yirgacheffe practises the coffee is covered during the peak of the day (11am-3pm). Gelana Abaya’s methods differ, in that the coffee gets an extended open period in the evening, as late as 11pm. These practices, and the local climate, allow the coffee to be dried carefully for 15-21 days.


We found that the sweetness of this coffee is pronounced at first and leading to ever essence after. If you are into well-balanced acidity coffee. This is for you!


We taste:

bergamot tea | lemon grass | blood orange | hint of cocoa