Costa Rica | Limonal

Costa Rica | Limonal


About Limonal...

Limonal is located in the heart of the famous coffee region of Tarrazú. Until 5 years ago it was abandoned and in disrepair when the SMS support team from our sister company Cafinter tracked down the owner of the farm and convinced him to let them renovate. The idea was to rent the farm for 10 years and have it fully renovated by the end of year 5. The first year a 50% of the area was renovated, year 2 an extra 20% was renovated, year 3 and other 20% was renovated and last year the remaining 10% was archived. The farm has made huge investments in housing, warehouse and farm infrastructure

During the third year, they started to evaluate the coffee and since last year they started making microlots. Since the farm doesn´t have a wet mill to process the coffee they use Patalillo, a wet mill in the region of Tres Ríos that dates back to 1888. For processing naturals they float all the coffee, then they let it ferment for 12 hrs in a tank (over the night). When the sun has made the greenhouse very hot and low humidity, they move the lot to the greenhouse. The idea is to cause a thermal shock stopping any microbial activity that may be present and could cause spoilage.

The beds are turned every hour for the first 2 days, then the time would start moving slowly apart since the bean starts drying. The coffee will be 95% sundry and 5% mechanical dry. The last 5% is for giving a standardized finish to the lot.

We can taste lemonade, roasted sugar cane and toasted chestnut with tactile of syrupy & supple mouthfeel, medium body and ever essence after taste