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Colombia Tolima Organic Washed

Colombia Tolima Organic Washed


We Taste

Stewed Date | Pink Grapefruit | Vanilla

We Feel

Medium body | Creamy | Clean & Long Lingering

Suitable for
Filter | Espresso


Region: Panaldas, Tolima, Southern Colombia

Altitude: 1600 ~2200masl

Harvest: April - July

Varieties: Castillo & Caturra

Processed: Fully Washed and dried on raised beds


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  • About This Coffee

    The majestic name "Tolima" echoes its ancient roots in the Pijao language, with "Tulima," "Tolima," or "Dulima" translating to "Snow River" or "Cloud." This department is a breathtaking canvas of tropical mountain climates, boasting a dramatic range of altitudes from the icy peaks of the Tolima and Huila Snow Mountains at 5000 meters above sea level, where temperatures plunge below freezing, to the lush, warm valleys at 400 meters with balmy temperatures soaring to 30°C.

    Tolima stands as the third-largest coffee-producing powerhouse in the nation, contributing a significant 12% to the country's total output. Across this rich landscape stretch 116,229 hectares of robust coffee plantations, distributed among 71,498 unique estates and nurtured by 61,465 dedicated coffee-growing families. The superb quality of Tolima's coffee is no accident—it is crafted from the perfect storm of favorable environmental conditions, fertile soil, and the artisans' touch in traditional wet milling and natural drying processes, honed over generations.

  • Brewing Method

      In Out Extract
    Espresso 18g - 19g 32g - 34g 24 - 28 sec
    Filter 18g - 20g 290g - 310g 2:30 - 2:45 min
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