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Clever Coffee Dripper

Clever Coffee Dripper


The Clever Dripper is best explained as a hybrid between a Plunger and a pour-over with the cleaner profile of paper filter brewing.

Pour and allow to brew for 3 minutes. Once placed over a mug or server, the stop-plug at the bottom of the dripper will release, and the coffee draws down. This takes all of 30 seconds.


The Clever Dripper also comes with a base and lid, for heat retention while your coffee is brewing.
Why own a Clever Dripper?


With a full immersion brew but without the residue, you'll produce a clean, full-bodied cup with super-rich flavors.

No other equipment required, just some #4 filters.

An approachable price point compared with other pour-over equipment if you're interested in trialing other manual brewing methods.

Brews enough for two - one if higher levels of caffeine are required or to fill a Stanley thermos. The Clever Dripper is made from BPA-free Tritan plastic, making it lightweight and durable - also ideal for travel. Fits cups and thermoses with tops measuring between 1.5" and 3.75". Also fits nicely with the Hario Insulated Server.

Super easy to clean. Wash regularly and thoroughly with hot water, no soap. Over time your Clever Dripper might develop a 'patina' of coffee staining, the visual doesn't impact the quality of your brew. Compost your grounds and filter if possible.

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