Barista Workshops: Milk 101

Barista Workshops: Milk 101


In this workshop, you will learn to free pour basic classic latte art, while also grasp the various factors that is affecting you from pouring that swan!


For the first part of the module, you will be learning primary factors of a good latte art, factors affecting a good froth and factors affect a good pour. Then, we will apply these knowledge in your practical session to fine tune your latte art!

Module outline:

  • Understand the science and theory behind latte art
  • Learn the primary factors affecting a good latte art
  • Learn how to froth milk that is essential to a good latte art
  • Learn basic classic latte art (Hearts, tulips, rosettas, and their variants)


Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

Pre-requisites: None
Recommended for: Anyone who is keen to learn, coffee enthusiasts, home brewers, beginners
Minimum participation rate: To ensure the viability of conducting this module, we require a minimum sign-up of partipants and a maximum of 4 participants. In the case that we do not meet the minimum sign-ups, you will be notified and we will reschedule your session to our next available date.


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To know more about Espresso 101, here or any require please email us at Note that both Espresso 101 & Milk 101 runs on a weekly bases - Mon or Tues | 4pm to 7pm